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Hepaviar® Px

Hepatoprotective - Lipotropic - Detoxifying Balanced Association

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Each 100 g contains: silymarin 15 g, dried extract of artichoke 15 g, DL-methionine 5 g, L-lysine 2 g, inulin 2 g, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate 2 g, betaine 1 g, excipients q.s.p. 100 g


Hepaviar® Px is a balanced association of easily assimilated ingredients, to correct deficiencies of essential nutrients related to alterations in the metabolism of fatty acids. It acts as a lipotropic complex, liver protector, detoxifying and stimulates the correct movement and utilization of fats, as well as a correct energy metabolism of the animal.

Dosage and Administration

In strategic phases or during the whole aging period: 200-350 g / MT of food (2g - 3.5g / 10 kg food).

Commercial Presentation

Caja x 20 kg,

SENASA Registry

SENASA Perú: A.17.07.N.0245