AvivetĀ® returns to AMVECAJ 2023

On the 8th, 9th and 10th of February, the AMVECAJ 2023 Congress took place, the most awaited event by the swine community in the state of Jalisco, organised by the Association of Swine Veterinarians of Los Altos de Jalisco.

The event in its fourteenth edition with the slogan "With... science: Breaking Paradigms" focused on nutrition, production and farm control, with the main national and international speakers from Canada, France and Spain in more than 10 keynote lectures.

Technical sales team at Avivet stand at AMVECAJ 2023

Avivet®, Agrovet Market's specialised line for pigs, was present in the commercial area of the event with a stand that allowed to approach the more than 1000 attendees to the congress, including veterinarians, producers and livestock technicians in the area. The Avivet® portfolio of solutions is adapted to the demands of the current pig market, presenting products such as Tylvax ®, which offers highly effective protection against mycoplasmas thanks to the use of tylvalosin, a molecule up to 10 times more powerful than tylosin; L-Spectomix ® 4. 44%, a synergistic broad-spectrum antibiotic combination for the treatment, control and/or prevention of respiratory and enteric diseases; Lysozym® 100, a lysozyme-based growth-promoting nutritional supplement; and Vetonic® with Nucleotides, a comprehensive, growth-promoting biostimulant. Unique with Nucleotides.

Veterinarian Liset Hernandez, Head of Commercial and Marketing Mexico at AMVECAJ 2023

We thank the organisers for this great event and for promoting academic spaces for the dissemination of knowledge for animal health and productivity. In Agrovet Market we reiterate our commitment to bring specialised solutions that add value to the pig production chain.